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Dan McCauley
Dan McCauley

Founded by Dan McCauley in the United Kingdom 1973, Rotolok designed and subcontracted work from an office facility in Southeastern England. The company soon expanded and relocated to Devon in the South West building their own factory with the ability to manufacture all key equipment.

With continued growth the millennium year saw Rotolok commence their move to new headquarters. The newly constructed premises, of 50,000 sq. ft., first contained the group sales and administration departments, while also providing additional new factory production space.

In 2007 this move was completed. The modern site allowed Rotolok to centralize its fabrication workshops, along with the sales and administration departments, for the entire Rotolok Holdings Group. To meet ever increasing market demand, Rotolok re-equipped its Machining and Fabrication facility with the addition of high technology horizontal CNC machining centers with both six and twelve pallet, pre-loading stations, the latter having replaced 3 CNC dual pallet machines.

This US$3.5 million upgrade enabled Rotolok production to substantially increase and without any impairment to quality, also gives the company greater flexibility as the machines can be programmed to work several hours unmanned, keeping their production up and the costs down. A further benefit comes with machining and drilling of large end covers, together with taper bore valves and the large valve bodies. The company now has the facility of covering the entire range of products in house, from Airlocks through to Conveying Diverters and Slide Valves, with the upgrade ensuring accuracy, interchangeability and cost control giving its customers a high precision valve at a competitive price.

Rotolok opened its North American facility in 1982, and moved into its current 12,000 square foot facility in Monroe, NC in 1993, and continually keeps an inventory of over $2 million of its range of Airlocks, Diverters and Slide Gate Valves, and Rotolok can ship any standard product within 24 hours from order placement.

More recently owing to the increasing demands of the global market, Rotolok has invested in over 500,000 square feet of freehold accommodation Worldwide including India, Australia, USA, Singapore, South Africa and Europe that houses administration, manufacturing and test facilities. To learn more about us please do not hesitate in sending us a message.

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