Bespoke Elongated Rotary Valve – Case Study


Here at Rotolok we are always ready to provide bespoke, innovative equipment to match a company’s needs. One such example was the development of an elongated Rotary Valve for a leading multi-national food and drink company. This bespoke valve also incorporated a special rotor design and speed control.
Bespoke Rotary Valve for Hot Drinks manufacturer

The problem?

The company in question had a problem regarding the filling of drinks sachets. The sachets were either being overfilled and giving away more product for free or being under filled and thus couldn’t be sold. Recovering the product was expensive and increased the risk of contamination. They required a piece of equipment that would reduce the variation in sachet weight.

The solution?

The solution we came up with was to make a small bore, long inlet rotary valve with a hygienic scalloped pocket rotor which could be easily removed for cleaning. The result of this was the accurate feeding and filling of sachets, reduced segregation and a greater consistency in particle distribution, meaning there is less variation in the taste of the prepared beverage. The reduction in weight variation and contamination risk has saved the client US$ millions.
Before and after photograph of drink in question

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