Rotary Airlock

The prime function of a rotary airlocks is to regulate the flow from one chamber to another while maintaining a good airlock condition. The product is mainly in dry powder or granular form.

In the dust filtration field a good airlock is essential on cyclone and bag filter applications in order that the manufacturers quoted high dust collection efficiencies can be maintained.

A rotary airlock is also important in the pneumatic conveying industry, where product is regulated into a pressure or vacuum conveying line while minimising air leakage.

With Rotolok there are no double standards, all our standard valves and airlocks are precision machined for close tolerances and minimal eccentricities.

Pressure differentials to 20psi and temperatures to 400°C (752°F) are considered the norm and extreme pressures and temperatures can be accommodated with special designs. If your application requires such considerations contact the Rotolok Engineering team.

For special sized rotary airlocks please visit Oddball Rotary Valve

Rotolok Rotary Valves and Airlocks have ATEX Covered

Following successful completion of the rigorous testing process Rotolok can offer a complete range of rotary airlocks certified as suitable for use as an explosion barrier to a maximum of 10bar and for explosion isolation for St1 and St2 dusts.

The picture shows what 10 bar explosion pressure can do to 10mm thick carbon steel rotor vanes of inadequate design.

Due to careful design of the internal components of the airlock the overall dimensions are very similar to our standard range of valves and we can offer a selection of optional features such as purged shaft seals, scalloped rotor pockets and staggered rotor pockets without the throughput being greatly reduced or the barrier efficiency being affected.

Rotary airlock – non-Rotolok rotor vanes of inadequate design
USDA certified