Rotary Airlocks from Rotolok

Rotary Airlocks explained

Rotary Airlocks are essential in many bulk conveying and feeding applications and perform a number of functions.

When a product moves from one part of a system or vessel to another, whether this be gravity-fed, under vacuum, or by pressure for filtration, it is vital to retain control over the process and Rotary Airlocks can:

• minimise pressure or air loss
• provide metering and volume control
• regulate feed rate
• act as a flame barrier.

The Rotary Airlock can increase production efficiency, decrease waste and protect product from what can often be harsh processing conditions.

You can find more about the Rotolok range of Rotary Airlocks in the Products link above.

Rotary airlocks from Rotolok

Rotolok is a global leader in manufacture and supply of Rotary Airlocks for good reasons.

Quality: We use only the best materials in our airlocks and continually invest heavily in our manufacturing process to ensure our products are robust, reliable and low-maintenance.

Whole life costs: We focus on your production process and construction of our products to ensure they’re fit for purpose. Quality manufacture and installation reduces your lifetime costs.

NFPA: We can provide a full range of Rotary Airlocks constructed in accordance with NFPA standards for potentially explosive atmospheres.

Design and development: Off-the-shelf airlocks are not always the best solution to your needs. Our engineers can work with you to develop the perfect airlock solution for your production line.

You can read more about the types of rotary airlock we manufacture throughout our website. Download our Rotolok USA airlock brochure here.

rotary airlocks
Rotary airlocks from Rotolok – specialists in bulk handling
top view of rotary airlock
Rotary airlock – top view
round rotary airlock
Rotary airlock – round
rotary airlocks
Rotary airlock – Easy Release